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We love sending our dog here.

May 04, 2008 by crave

We love sending our dog here. We know that he is in great hands and given plenty of love. He loves Mary Ellen and runs right in her house. Your dog will be in great hands if it is boarded here.

Feb 05, 2008 by Terri & Bradley Eisenberg

I cant say anymore then what i have seen written. Mary Ellen has a unique relationship with all her dogs. I believe her dogs feel the same about her. My boys, Oliver and Spencer cant wait to get out of the car and start crying at her doorstep waiting for Mommy Ellen to open the door and let them in. The mental peace of knowing where they are is wonderful. Knowing they are having as much fun as they possibly could under watchful care is amazing. My guys have never been boarded anywhere else, and i see no reason to think they ever will. When i pick them up, they are happy and exhausted. PEFECT!

I cannot imagine taking Wrigley to any other place!

Dec 25, 2007 by castlmsp

The minute my car reaches the gravel road leading to Deja's Doggie Camp, my TT knows he is about to reach his vacation spot! Once the car door is open, he races to the front door to see Mommy Ellen. We know that Wrigley is having a great time while he is away. This is a place where he can just be a dog and play with his friends. He loves being outdoors and running around the large play area. Mary Ellen is amazing at caring for the dogs and understanding their personalities. Although it takes us almost an hour to drive to Deja's, I cannot imagine taking Wrigley to any other place!

Mary Ellen is the perfect second mom

Aug 12, 2007 by ghuibregtse

Deja's Camp makes our vacations true vacations. There are never any worries because we know Flash is having fun and being well taken care of. Mary Ellen is the perfect second mom who has a perfect second home for Flash! We love it there!

Mary Ellen operates a very professional, caring environment for dogs

Feb 22, 2007 by goodnsnowy

Like many of Mary Ellen's customers, we drive our dog Piper about 45 minutes to visit Dejas Doggie Camp. Piper also responds very positively to the gravel road - knowing she is about to embark in a week of fun. Mary Ellen operates a very professional, caring environment for dogs. She clearly has a passion for making the dogs feel comfortable and "at home" at her home. This is obviously her occupation but her efforts go way beyond that.

Aug 12, 2006 by eldora_1999@yahoo.com

I started bringing my elderly toy poodle to Mary Ellen when I was traveling often on business. I worried about him because of his age. I was so thrilled to find Mary Ellen. I left on trips confident that Peaches would be well taken care of until I could get home. It took me two years of grieving time after I lost him to get Sophie. The first time I brought her to meet Mary Ellen, I felt like I was coming home.

Mary Ellen is wonderful with the dogs!

May 12, 2006 by bohemianskye@yahoo.com

Our first time leaving our 2 year old Tibetan Terrier, Emmett was far more traumatic for us than for him. He had a great time and was very excited when he returned for another stay a few months later. Mary Ellen is wonderful with the dogs!

Mar 27, 2006 by Jim

This camp is the best in town! It is never easy leaving our furry family member behind but we take great comfort in knowing that Mary Ellen will provide outstanding care and give Lulu lots of love while at camp. Mary Ellen is so patient and kind and caring. She is a pure gem! And the shuttle bus is awesome too! Lulu gets very excited when she sees the shuttle bus pull into the driveway. We just can't say enough about Dejas Doggie Camp. We feel very fortunate to have discovered this beautiful and safe place for boarding! Our only worry....? That Mary Ellen doesn't retire any time soon :)

Jan 13, 2005 by wpark@comcast.net

We have been bringing our dog Finnegan to Deja's Doggie Camp for many years whenever we go out of town. We just couldn't be happier with the service. The dogs have a huge yard to run in and access to the clean and safe indoor areas at all times. Mary Ellen knows all about dogs and keeps order among them in a firm and loving way. We never have any anxiety about leaving Finnegan behind when we are out of town because we know that he is having fun and is well cared-for.

worth the 45 minute drive for this kind of dog care.

Jan 06, 2005 by bbachewiig@aol.com

When I drop my dogs off with Mary Ellen, I am confident they will be busy and happy their entire stay. I love knowing that they are running and playing all day, rather than sitting in a kennel. They both are exhausted for a day or two after a stay at Mary Ellens. It's worth the 45 minute drive for this kind of dog care.

Dejas Doggie Camp , USA 4.9 5.0 40 40 I boarded my two precious dogs Millie and Henry. Jennifer took care of them as though they were her own. They had a blast and were very happy. I highly recommend Deja to anyone.
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